Date: 22nd February 2016 at 1:39pm
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Former manager Nigel Pearson has admitted that Leicester’s form this season has seen a progression that nobody ‘envisaged’ last year even with the form in the Great Escape but he always remained confident that the foundations were in place to build something special.

He also said that many teams and people in the game still haven’t sussed out what the group is about.

In quotes carried by ESPN as Pearson opened up a little bit more about the club and his current thoughts on the title charge, he was, as usual, hugely complimentary and he praised new manager Claudio Ranieri for continuing with the work he did because he knew he could take credit for that.

Speaking about the progress and title hopes, he explained that we had moved on in a way ‘I don’t think anyone envisaged’.


‘They’ll win it. I think they’ll win the Premier League, because they won’t be distracted by the hype. A lot of people in the game haven’t really sussed what Leicester are about. They’ve got some really good players – Jamie Vardy’s form has been unbelievable – but collectively they’re a bloody strong group. They’re extremely resilient. They are concentrating on themselves, playing to their strengths and their identity, whereas, to me, a lot of other sides have lost their way. Leicester have got no fear. Good luck to them. Nobody expected this season to pan out the way it has for Leicester, but I always felt we were capable of more. The belief and the spirit were always there. We knew we were on the right track in terms of building something.’

With a potential Premier League crown on the table for this season, Pearson also said he’d be ‘delighted’ for a number of people at the club if Leicester could get over the line this year, but obviously for him he wouldn’t be happy because he’s no longer with us and there are some he wouldn’t be pleased for naturally and he wasn’t going to fudge that.

‘I would be delighted for a lot of people there. I would be dishonest if I said I would be happy for everyone. Of course I wouldn’t be.’

As for his praise of Ranieri, he said he’d come in and taken an outlook of ‘managing skilfully and sensibly’ given what he found in the group.

‘They previously had someone in charge who was able to front it up and make tough decisions when they needed to be made. I know how pivotal the work I did was for them to be in the situation they’re in now. What I would say is that he (Ranieri) was going into a situation where there wasn’t an awful lot wrong. He probably won’t have inherited a job anywhere else and found a structure in place like that.’

And he’s absolutely right, can’t take anything away from the changes Ranieri has made as he imprints himself on the team, but also can’t take anything away from the foundations that Pearson built either.

The success now is on the back of both.

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