Date: 5th February 2006 at 4:25pm
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I don’t believe that Ian Holloway is seriously in the frame to be Leicester City manager but if the Board have any doubts about the feelings of the fans, they should read this.

I am taking up the suggestion of SILVER FOX on Talking Balls and publishing the opinions of a cross-section of their posters because the issue is vital to City’s future and the feelings of fans deserved to be aired.

The TB thread is entitled Message for Mad Biker…. for anyone wondering if the views are selected in isolation but, at the time I looked, the feeling was pretty well unanimous.


FAO Thracian:

You have always seemed desperate to be the voice of the fans. So here’s one for you to publish to your hearts content. NO TO HOLLOWAY!!!

Leigh said:

And QPR fans want him out. Surely if we’re going to pinch a manager from another team we should take one who the supporters would like to keep, not see the back of.

PFKAKTF added:

I am stunned, shocked, sickened and repulsed by the idea of that man being manager, Kelly demonstrated everything good about a manager, players playing for the shirt, playing with spirit and determination but within the laws of the game, showing respect and passion for the club, and most of all it was entertaining and we got the result.

Holloway is the exact opposite, and would only destroy the name of Leicester City FC, and he would destroy the work Levein has done in bringing together a good batch of talented youngsters.

If he takes over then we can wave goodbye to these decent young players, any hope of decent football and most of all wave goodbye to the championship and probably 10k fans as well.

Horrific prospect.


Ugh, I hope this Holloway stuff isn’t true.

If we can’t get Newell/Allen or any of the people like that who were linked, then stick with Kelly. Don’t go for a manager just for the sake of getting one.

Something that hasn’t been mentioned on here today, or at least not that I’ve seen.

On Radio Leicester today they said that there were rumours that Martin Allen had resigned from Brentford and could be our next manager. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?


Newell is the only man for the job, we just can’t hire Holloway, I dont think his management suits the type of players Levien has brought in


Hope this rumour is not true. I cannot see the point in appointing Holloway. If we cannot get Newell or afford the compensation, then due to the fact that Kelly & Stowell have done so well, I’d keep them on until the end of the season.

RN Fox:

I am still confident that MN will come in, nothing has changed there.

The only thing that affects the situation is the success of Rob Kelly. This winning run will make the board think, do we keep what we have and avoid compensation etc? which is a bit of common sense prevailing for a change.

Mike Newell will join us it’s just when. And when he does Rob Kelly will be part of the new organisation in his normal coaching role.

On the Foxestalk website, under the Holloway is Our Man thread feelings were equally strong:

STEVEN said:

If this is true then I will disassociate myself from the Club until he leaves.

MR C added:

QPR fans seem rather happy about it. I just can’t believe our board would actually think about him never mind make an approach, have they gone mad? This is worse than the Cotterill link, I’d prefer him.

Going by some of Newell’s comments he would be interested, he’d be my choice of those we’ve been linked with, and at least he has a connection with the club being an ex player.

Hinckley Fox:

Lets mass email Davies quick. My God, I’d rather stick with Kelly.

DavieG concluded:

I don’t care what his stats are like, his teams are an abomination and resort to the worst kind of dishonest tactics I’ve ever seen employed.

I for one will not renew my season ticket if he is a appointed, that is not an idle threat that is a promise.

Ian Holloway’s playing record at QPR reads:

Played 252, won 100, lost 81, drew 71.

At Bristol Rovers: Played 247, won 90, lost 87 drew 70.

Later there were posters supporting Holloway:

Drummindefender on FT said:

I know Holloway has been getting a lot of stick about his ugly football, but it seems to me he is a good motivated manager and is a good builder of team spirit-personally i dont think it would be a disaster if he got the job, and even if i would at this moment prefer Kelly over him, i would rather see him at the helm then Reid.

Boy Genius added:

I would not like to see Holloway here, but if he comes and we kick and punch our way to the top, thats fine by me. I am not bothered how we get a win as long as its a win. Remember Don Revie and dirty leeds?

Ian Holloway and dirty Leicester….. Champions League finalists 2009, who would be there then eh?

Such comments were hard to find though on Leicester websites, even by the end of the day.

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