Date: 7th January 2006 at 9:22pm
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Newell got drawn against the European Champions. Did he go 4-5-1 or pack his team with rottweilers like Tiatto and Kisnorbo? Not a bit. He hit Liverpool at 100mph and when his teams took a 2-1 lead he kept them pushing forward for 3-1.

Okay, eventually they ran out of steam and lost 4-3 but what a cuptie, what an advertisement for the club and for Championship football.

And where did Newell find all those players on such a shoestring while we’ve ended up with forwards who never score, wingers who never make goals, midfielders who cannot pass and defenders who cannot turn.

Luton as a club slipped as close to extinction as Leicester but what a difference in the progress each has made since.

Do you remember Bolton and Blackburn and Cardiff and Wolves and Burnley and Preston and Reading and Palace?.

The way we played in those matches made boredom seem like fun.

The psychological differences in approach between Newell and Levein seem diametrically opposite and I know which I like best.

If Luton can play so positively against the European Champions I am sure we could do the same against the Readings and Norwich’s of the Championship.

Luton bristled with attacking ideas. It was thrilling to watch. Why can’t we have that at Leicester? Even the television commentator said the Luton game took 88 minutes to slow down.

We did play like that once, against Sheffield United and then what happened? Did we lose the video?.

It wouldn’t surprise me if someone started selling barometers at City matches soon with pictures of Newell and Levein on to indicate the weather …………….
Sunshine and Showers!.

Abandon your Hadrian’s Walls, Craig. It is time to play 21st century football……………Football For Fans!.