Date: 17th March 2009 at 12:16pm
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Jack Hobbs has certainly established himself as an immediate choice at centre back for Nigel Pearson since joining the club on loan from Liverpool in the summer of last year.

The big question now is whether Pearson will make any further advances to make the 20 year-old a permanent fixture of his Leicester side for next season, where the Foxes will hopefully be competing in English football’s second flight.

Competition at Liverpool for the centre back position is fierce, with Jamie Carragher, Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger and Sammi Hyypia all fighting for the places. With three out of those four still relatively young, Hobbs would face the imposing task of removing two of them should he move back to Anfield.

Whispers around the club have certainly suggested a permanent move could be on the cards, and it would certainly be foolish of Pearson not to make tentative enquiries at the very least about the player.

What do you Liverpool fans think? Would you like to see Hobbs stay at the club and fight for his place, or would it be best for the player to move on?


7 Replies to “Hobbs a Keeper?”

  • I think that the CB situation in Liverpool is not as solid as written above, with Sammy aging, Agger uncertain, and even Carra wont last forever in this league, I wouldnt like to see promising young defenders leaving the team for now.

  • Agger looks like he could leave us in the Summer, which would be a massive shame. Hyypia won’t be along for too much longer but Skrtel and Carragher will hopefully be with Liverpool for a few years to come. Having said that, Hobbs definitely has potential but is it enough for him to become a permament fixture in the Liverpool side? I’m not too sure.

  • Around early november last season Hobbs looked like he was about to crack through for Liverpool – we hadn’t got Skrtel, Agger was injured and I don’t know where Hyypia was, but Hobbs had to come in for games against Bolton and then Cardiff, putting him up against three legendary strikers (but ageing) at the time in Anelka, Fowler and Hasselbaink. He looked very composed and assured in both games and suddenly we thought we’d found our fourth (potential third) choice centre-back. However for reasons relatively unknown he went out on loan to Scunthorpe the second the Januard trasfer window opened and we signed Skrtel, we haven’t really seen much of him since. Like Aamir said though, with Hyypia on his last legs (not that Tevez or Rooney got past him :p ) we’ll need a reliable replacement sooner or later, so I’m not sure if we’ll be letting you keep him 🙂

  • Disappointing for us then by the sounds of things. From what I’ve seen he’d make a very good Championship centre back, but I’m not too sure as to whether he’s ‘Liverpool quality’, or will be in the future. As an aside, we also have your Astrit Ajdarevic on trial…

  • I always thought he (Ajdarevic) looked pretty decent but going to Leicester probably is a good career step.

  • Tbh, I wouldn’t mind if Hobbs did move to you guys. I don’t see him making it at Liverpool sadly. We have better prospects than him within even our reserve team (Martin Kelly and Mikel San Jose), let alone our full side. However saying that, he is still a good defender and prospect for the future. He could probably be good enough for a premiership side, just not for a title challenging one IMO. Considering we reportedly paid £750,000 for him and have developed him since, the reported price of £400,000 is too low. Either Leicester would have to up their offer by at least a million or so, or we could just loan him in the summer to another Championship side (or to you guys again seeing as you are a cert to get promoted 😉 ), and ask for a larger fee. My $0.02 from a Liverpool fan.

  • On Ajdarevic, he is potentially a good player. I liked him, he was kind of in the Lucas Leiva mould, excellent passer, very composed with good vision and delivery. Rumour has it the reason we’re getting rid of him was he has a *****ty attitude. He wasn’t happy about not playing enough and had a fallout with our U-18s manager, was told to leave. So basically you’d be getting a good player with attitude problems. Control him and you’ll be happy with him.

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