Date: 10th January 2006 at 10:50am
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In fact, of the 32 ties played over the entire weekend, Leicester’s was the sixth best turnout.

Attendances were inevitably affected by television coverage and Leicester were particularly vulnerable because of the full match being broadcast live.

Yet, remarkably, Leicester turnstiles clicked more merrily than, for instance:

* Blackburn (v QPR) 12,705
* Hull (v Villa) 17,051
* Ipswich (v Portsmouth) 15,593
* Millwall (v Everton) 16,440
* Sheffield Wednesday (v. Charlton) 14,851
* West Brom (v. Reading) 19,197
* Wigan (v Leeds) 10,980
* Fulham (v. Orient) 13,394
*Sunderland (v. Northwich) 19323

Leicester/Tottenham cupties have traditional captured the imagination and the Spurs followers boosted turnout by 6/8,000.

But considering television and also that City are in the worth position of their footballing hisotry and were in the most dismal run of results, the financial outcome all round must have been a timely boost for the coffers and much needed.


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