Date: 27th March 2010 at 10:46pm
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Ok, it’s a nerdy stat article coming up. But don’t click away just yet if you’re a Leicester fans reading this, there’s something to it.

And it’s a little worrying, I’m not going to lie. Just how much do we rely on our left back? Well, according to this below, it’s quite a lot.

League matches played with Berner: 30

Won: 14
Drew: 11
Lost: 5

Points per game: 1.77

Win ratio: 47%

Lose ratio: 17%

League matches played without Berner: 9

Won: 3
Drew: 2
Lost: 4

Points per game: 1.2

Win ratio: 33%

Lose ratio: 45%

So there you have it, we lose almost half of our league matches without him. Worrying? I think so, come back soon Bruno.